Gainesvegas is a toy that I made for a friend as part of a class assignment. My friend, Otis, has a horrible sense of direction and would often get lost in our home town. Gainesvegas is an interactive map of the city of Gainesville that is used to help Otis get from place to place without getting lost. 


3D Print

There are 5 destination points (Austyn's House, Otis's House, Zach's House, Wild Wings, and J&J) that indicated by words printed directly on the glass. There are 7 other points (North Hall, Kroger, Wendy's, The Mall, Atlas Pizza, Elijah's Old House, to Kade's House, and to Atlanta) indicated on the map as well that don't have physical destinations to go to, but they represent popular locations that he and I used to go to a lot back in High School.


The green channels in between that represent roads are painted in glow in the dark ink to help with night driving.