FCB Health


Art Direction




During my summer of 2018 I interned at an ad agency in New York City on 33rd and Broadway called FCB Health. The company has a summer program every year with 40 students and recent graduates that is dedicated to giving each person the full experience of working in an agency. The 40 students are divided into groups of ten and are given the task to lead a campaign for a pharmaceutical drug currently working with FCB Health on an active campaign.

During the summer I participated, we were given the task to make the first ever campaign for a drug treating Multiple Sclerosis. After countless interviews, market research, and briefs, me and my team came up with our two main sparks for the campaign:

The confidence to take on tomorrow.

Your wait is over.

Unfortunately, the name of the drug has not been approved, so the content and logos of our campaign can not fully be revealed. Check back later this year to see the full campaign!


After a month of constant meetings and late nights at the office, the 11 of us in our group named 'Push' put together a pitch and presented our campaign to the owners and creative team of Mayzent, all eight different branches, the CEOs of FCB Health, and of course the various employees there for free coffee and donuts. Below is our logo and the amazing team of interns I got to work with.