Dignitas Forest Campaign





The best thing about esports and the reason people get so invested, has got to be the storylines of the orgs and the players. Going into the 2020 spring LCS season, it was announced that Dignitas would be making a return to the LCS. In this campaign exploration, the imagery of an owl and the players coming out of the woods is a reference to the return of one of he old guard organizations returning.


All photography credits go to the 'LoL Esports Photos' Flickr website. 

Stone Harbor font created by Nicky Laatz.

Roster Announcement

With Dignitas making a return to LCS (and with an updated logo and brand identity), there's a cool opportunity to not only introduce the players that will fill to their roster, but also give some context to the 'owl'. Below I wanted to explain the idea that all members of the Dignitas roster are owls.

Social Media & Promotional

The goal of these pieces is to build up hype before games, and promote the players within the organization.

9x16 Ratio Social Media Posts

The standard in social media graphics for esports currently is 16x9 graphics for Twitter and an assortment of different ratios for instagram, with a 1x1 square being the most prominent. Since most esports social media content is experienced on a mobile platform, it makes sense to present everything vertically. The top 3 posts below show the full spread once opened on twitter, while the 3 mockups below show what the user will see as he/she scrolls through a twitter feed (16x9 ratio). The graphics can work for both ratios.

LCS Official Jersey

I mean after all, do gamers really need to wear breathable, moisture wicking, reduced friction,100% polyester, sweat reduction jerseys? Why can't we just give them a shirt with a badass looking owl on it?