Dignitas Punk Campaign







After researching the esports landscape and how different organizations position themselves, I noticed teams could benefit from more expression and individuality. In looking at Dignitas specifically, historically, they have a fun and personable brand that many fans identified with. In my exploration below, my goal was to leverage that aspect of the organization's culture and establish a personality that highlights individuality and expression in a space that lacks it a bit.


All photography credits go to the 'LoL Esports Photos' Flickr website.
Kust font created by 
Ieva Mezule.

Social Media

An assortment of graphics for the branded Dignitas social media account. Generally, graphics will contain visual elements to portray the individuality of the players in a humorous way.

iPhone Wallpapers

The wallpapers within this brand identity are meant to highlight the individuality and brand of each players on the team. The zoomed in pictures of the players' candid faces is intended to be comical.

Promotional Pieces

The goal of these pieces is to build up hype before games, and promote the players within the organization.

Game Patches

An interesting aspect to esports as opposed to traditional sports is that an organization is able to own teams and rosters across varying games. I think that leaves an interesting opportunity within design to help establish unique branding for each esport, that all fall under the umbrella of the organization's main brand identity. Below are the patch/sticker designs of three different esports that Dignitas competes in. Stickers and patches are a classic way for people to show their all their unique interests and express themselves.


In maintaining the spirit of the campaign I've set up for Dignitas, I thought a line of underwear would be a clever way to show the humor and boldness that the Dignitas organization has been known for. Boxer briefs are also a unique branch of apparel that hasn't been explored within esports.