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Hey there!

A little about me

Growing up, pop culture including music, sports teams, and television consumed my interests. As an elementary school student I remember creating my own 150 original Pokemon, drawing out Blink-182 concert posters, and creating my own transformers based off a 1963 Shelby Cobra model I loved. Illustration and drawing have always been an immediate love of mine. 

However, I never realized that I loved design as well until I chose it as my major. Although my memories growing up consist mainly of drawing, I have always had a fascination for typography and logos. I remember spending hours after classes trying to figure out how I should write my signature and imagining my own NFL franchise teams - the Las Vegas Gamblers being my favorite of these.

A few fun facts about myself:

  • My favorite illustrator is Tomer Hanuka.

  • I unironically believe Werewolves of London is the best song ever written.

  • I wear hearing aids and have since I was 2 and half years old.

  • My wardrobe is almost exclusively vertical striped shirts like the one to the left.

Feel free to reach out!


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